Best Overwatch Settings
To Make You A Better Player

Think Like a Pro

In this video we break down the best settings for you to run to dramatically boost your performance. We delve into the specifics of each major settings such as your sensitivity, visual settings, toggle settings, and open mic vs push to talk.


In a game like Overwatch or any FPS playing at a low sensitivity is a direct advantage. While yes there are many cases of people making high sens work (even pro players), the issue is that regardless of whether you can make it work the long term effects can not be avoided. Many, and I mean many FPS players struggle with wrist pain and many end up quiting their career in gaming due to these injuries. Such example in Overwatch was Shadder2k where he reveals that the reason he quit was due to wrist injuries. So in all low sens is on average easier to use/learn, and is a healthier option. Seems like a win win to me.

Visual Settings:

You are honestly making like a lot harder by playing on anything but low quality in Overwatch. Blizzard loves to polish their maps, and with that polish comes clutter and with that clutter comes distractions or straight up visual obstructions. The added bonus on playing on low quality is your frames are higher and much more consistent, on top of the game honestly not looking bad at all.

Toggle Settings:

Characters like Mercy, Zen, Zarya, and Ana are most affected by this. What I mean by toggle settings is your ability to lock on to characters with your abilities. I mean how many times have you nanoed the wrong target? Or even better struggling to heal the right person as Mercy or Zen? Well if you reduce the toggle sensitivity it will make a worlds of difference. in the video I break down and show exactly where to change these settings.

Open Mic Vs. Push To Talk:

Do you struggle to talk with your team? Well this might be part of the reason, trying to use push to talk to communicate important information while in the middle of a fight is more tedious then it sounds. Using an open mic and having push to mute allows you to carelessly talk with a push of a button once, and when you are done talking (or when its convenient) you can just press the button again to mute. This helped me a lot to keep my coms up, hopefully this will help you too!


Thank you guys so much for the love on my last post, hope you guys enjoy this one as well. ALSO!!! If you have any good video ideas……. Please feel free to comment your idea bellow! 😀