I am a Main Tank Player, and I am all in favor for 3-2-1. Here is why you might like it too!

Think Like a Pro

I have been reading the forums on everyone’s reaction to even the idea of 3-2-1, somehow people are already convinced it’s going to be a bad idea before even trying it. Obviously none of us have tried it yet, but certain things can be said for sure. When people notice that their once 10 minute que time drops to 5 min, things will all of the sudden not seem so bad. When you increase the amount of DPS per game by 50%, then so will the que times for those characters drop by 50%.

How Tanks Will Be Effected

Now even with that aside there are still some other things to think about, as I hear many Tank players complain how the game will feel worse, I say back them…… ADAPT. Because most Main Tanks have the ability to solo Tank (obviously some can’t like Orisa/Sigma), but the ones that can will have SO MUCH POWER. I love Main Tank, and everything it has to offer, but man does solo que suck as a Main Tank rn (yet I never group xD).

You have to put in so much more effort to yield the same result, for example in my placements for my new account I was struggling with my 4.3k Main Tank experience to reliably win at least 80% of my games (in lower SR). I swapped to Off Tank (a role I don’t play very much), and right away had a 100% win rate (17 games in a row) all the way up to 3600, where it’s now at 90% winrate. You can still carry as Main Tank, but just not as reliably as other roles. HOWEVER with 3-2-1 now all of the sudden you are the only tank, NOW having a good Main Tank means that much more.

All of the sudden you are the most important character on the team by a mile, all of the sudden you have the power to reliably carry if you have the skills, on top of the old carry potential you already had with coordinating your team properly.

How Healers Will Be Effected

The only role I can understand how the average player will struggle with is Healers. While yes you will die a lot at first, people will learn and adapt; honestly I am okay with that. In every meta we have had after dive, positioning is barely cared about, while yes people are so much better at ability/ult management. The average player has primitive positioning at best, and I don’t blame them.

Why worry about positioning when you can be pumped by massive heals, sit behind 2 shields, have access to instant get out of jail free abilities, all while the opponents having low mobility heroes that can’t punish you reliably for over extending. So by adding another DPS, people will probably play more mobile/flanky heroes, so people for the first time in 2 years have to actually think about their positioning, because at any time they can be dove if they are not careful.

Compositions, And How The Game Could Be Played

So in other words, the game will become more skill based, and dying to cheesy or cheap compositions will most likely be a thing of the past. The meta we are probably going to see eventually is Ball, Lucio, Ana, Tracer, Sombra, Genji (or some version of that), and I honestly prefer that over Reaper/Mei death ball comps. However seeing how people are slow to change (based on past balances), we might also see Rein, Reaper, Mei, McCree, Lucio, Ana instead for a while


Again, the changes haven’t came out yet (or even long enough), so it can’t be said for sure what I am saying is true, but this is an educated guess from a t500 coach, and I am very optimistic about it.

Thank you for taking the time to read, can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the 3-2-1 changes. 🙂

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