How to Setup A VOD Review

First, play some comp games. Once you have a game that you’re happy with:

This will give you a code that you can share by pasting it into #vods-replay_shares on our discord server. New viewers get 1 free vod review live on stream. You MUST BE PRESENT in order to participate. If you would like to go further in your Overwatch education, please set up an appointment with our T500 Coach.

How to Share

First, join our discord server. If you need an invite, simply click the discord icon above. Make sure you have the code you made copied to your clipboard.

Under Communal Channels, find #vods

Paste into the channel with a brief explanation of what role you played, your SR, battletag, twitchname, and which Map you were on. 


CODE:                1A2B3C
SR:                     3k
ROLE:                Main Support (Ana/Mercy)
BATTLETAG:    Hakumei#1316
Twitchname:   Hakumei_Sylvia
MAP:                  Busan