What Makes A Good Position? And How Do I Know?​

Think Like a Pro

Positioning……. Man this is something everyone struggles with. So what makes a good position any ways? I mean you hear it alllllllll the time, but how do I know what is a good position? Let’s jump into the key principles that you need to be thinking about no matter what character you are.

Understand your limitations

This seems pretty obvious but it’s actually quite complicated, there are some obvious examples of characters we know are squishy (like Zen), and there is some we know are stupid tanky (like Hog). But even with these examples you have exceptions, for example Hog despite being very tanky, is only tanky because of his take a breather. If something like an anti grenade were to hit you, then all of the sudden he isn’t as tanky, or maybe he is haked, stunned (you get the point). I identify what makes your character survivable or not survivable and play around those strengths, and avoid or play around anything that would threaten it.

What are they playing?

Again another seemingly obvious question, but something even people in GM don’t consider. If they have a Widow, or any 1 shot hero all of the sudden prior good positions become risky because you can get 1 shot unlike before. Or a very current example of this is Mei, if they have a Mei that doesn’t mean play like normal, that means position in a spot you can’t get walled off.

Where is my and their team?

Before and during a team fight understand where your team is, so if shit hits the fan you know the general direction to avoid, and the general direction of where to go.

How is the fight going?

A lot of positions are reliant on other players, so if all of the sudden your front line needs to back up (or dies), prepare for this outcome by paying attention to how everything is going. If you notice your front line is low, or a DPS on your team isn’t able to to hold a certain position always ask your self “will this position be good if our team has to back up?” If the answer is no, then adjust before that situation becomes a reality.


There is much much more to positioning, and I do tackle more in the video but I also am going to make more videos on this topic.

Also! It would mean the world if you guys can critique my video, I notice that a lot of you don’t watch the full video (totally okay), so I want to know what you guys feel I can do better to make the videos more engaging :).

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