Why Hammond Is A Main Tank
(And why you are seeing him more in the meta)

Think Like a Pro

Despite Hammond being out for 1 and 1/2 years, I still get people saying how Hammond isn’t a Main Tank. Or how he is a Main Tank but isn’t a good pick, so I decided to break down exactly what makes a Main Tank a Main Tank, and explain how Hammond fits that role (plus some).

What makes a Main Tank?

Reinhardt would be the easiest example, as he has a 1600 HP barrier blocking the enemy from attacking your team. Easy enough, so what makes Winston a Main tank? He only has a 700 HP shield that disappears in 9 seconds, so he can’t really survive a straight up brawl. Well the best way to explain this is instead of thinking of Reinhardt’s shield as a barrier in the first example, think of it as a distraction preventing damage to your team.Winston can do the same thing as well ,since he uses his body and weapon to force opponents to deal with him, which indirectly prevents damage to your team. So how does this tie into Hammond? How can he be a main tank if he doesn’t even have a shield? Well it’s simple! You don’t need one, as long you can force attention onto Hammond you are doing your job as a Main tank. And holy shit does he do this job amazingly well.

What makes Hammond a main tank?

With Hammonds stupid sustain, incredible movement, crowd control abilities, and DPS combines to make Hammond one of the scariest Main Tanks. His kit is designed to go deep, move fast, put people in positions they REALLY don’t want to be in, sustain, and still get out.

If he is so good then why do all my Hammonds feed?

Simple, with so much freedom designed into his kit Hammond highlights your game sense. He has the capability of being any where you want, when you want, how you want, but with that lies the issue. If you are a player who struggles with positioning and staying a live with other tanks, Hammond will make that even more obvious because while he has the capability of getting in and out, the tools used to achieve these goals require good mechanics and awareness.


In summary Hammond is awesome, but very hard; he is fun but brutal to play. In all he can be one of the best main tank characters, but is simply limited by your own imagination and interpretation of his abilities. One player might see his pile drive as a way to solo kills, another might see it as a way to enable your team for easy frags. This is why pro teams love him because he is so independent, yet enables amazing team plays while always staying alive.

Thank you so much for reading until the end! I am currently working on a video about positioning 030, so let me know your thoughts on that. Also if you want coaching feel free to visit my website at OverwatchSchool.com 😀

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