Why You Are Struggling to Get Diamond

Explained by a T500

Whether you are Gold, Platinum, Silver, or even Bronze. Diamond is a big mile stone for a lot of players, yet only 15% of players manage to do it, why is that? Everything I am about to say is from both first hand and second hand experience. I used to be Bronze when I first played, and from then I have climbed to Top 500. So I personally have gone through these struggles, and have recently revisited these ranks to see it once again. This is what I have to say from my experience……

Your Attitude is Terrible:

There is sadly no other way to put this, and is honestly something very hard to recognize but having a poor attitude will ruin your games. If someone is feeding, being toxic or whatever, being rude or passive aggressive fixes nothing. You are soooooo much more likely to lose your games if you create a toxic atmosphere. Basically always try to be the better person. So next time someone is feeding or just not doing their job, don’t point fingers; it’s okay to politely suggest a change, but if nothing comes out of it focus on your gameplay and what you can do. And on that note……

Focus on your gameplay:

If you are reading this then you already are way ahead of a lot of players in your rank, so if you want to rank up their is one simple concept you have to understand….. You have to play 1 rank above of where you are currently at to see improvement. So instead of focusing on your team, and what THEY could do, think what YOU can do. Remember you are trying to surpass your team, so always assume the worse, and understand they just don’t have the same drive as you, and with that you should expect nothing from them. However if you see certain players are reliable at certain aspects, recognize that and capitalize off their strengths, not magnify their weakness.

Study top players/your self:

Watch top players and see how they play (especially with the OWL viewer). It’s honestly that simple, I can’t tell you how spoiled players are with the replays (OW Boomer moment xD). In all seriousness the replay tool IS SOOOOOO GOOD, ACTUALLY USE IT. You can watch as you painfully make mistakes, and in hindsight it will feel cringy to watch your self make basic mistakes, but don’t be discouraged by that. Feed into that, and use that cringy feel you get to your advantage, so you can actually remember not to do those simple mistakes again.


Just talk, stop being quiet; help with coms and guide your team. Because lets say you are a 2300 player, but your actually closer to a 2700 player, and lets say on average only 3 of your 5 potential teammates actually pay attention to what you have to say. That’s basically 3 teammates that normally have the awareness of a typical Gold player, now because of you using coms have the awareness of a Plat player. Even if the average is 1 player, that’s still really good, but realistically it’s more around 2-3 at lower SR’s.

Just play more:

If you aren’t playing a lot of ranked (at least 30-50 hours a season), then it will be hard to see improvement. Because the simple truth is Overwatch is a team game, you are 1 person of 6 on your team, and 1 of 12 in the entire game. If even 1 player(s) of those 12 off sets the balance heavily then you are either very, very likely to win or lose (despite your effort). So in order to offset those chaotic games you need to play a lot to be on average winning more often.


Actually do these things and I promise you will see gradual improvement in your SR over time. But ya, thank you for taking your time to read this! 😀 Hope you guys enjoyed.

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